Fara Kardan, MD, founder and Medical Director of AHMG was interviewed and appeared in a segment of “American Health Journal” program on PBS (KCET) channel in 2007 to discuss the value of the “Hospitalist Programs” in general and in addition to the unique hospitalist model which was implemented by AHMG at Mission Hospital for “Unassigned Patients”.

This TV interview was also broadcasted several times by “Healthy Living Channel”.

AHMG has been recently more in the spotlight, thru several published interviews with Dr. Fara Kardan which have all been featured in the “cover story” articles of two highly respected hospitalist journal and magazines.

These interviews and articles can be found under the titles and links below:

“Should you split your service into rounders and admitters”
Published in the August 2007 issue of "Today's Hospitalist" Magazine.

“CMS quality demo pays dividends for hospitals, but not always financially”
Published in September 2007 issue of "ACP Hospitalist" Journal, a monthly publication by American College of Physician (ACP). The interview and comments by Dr. Kardan can be found under the section titled "Documenting Value".

“When Hospitalist groups compete”
Published in October issue of Today’s Hospitalist Magazine.