AHMG’s “Unique Hospitalist Program Model” and Achievements

AHMG implemented and successfully operated an extremely efficient, very high quality state-of-the art “Hospitalist Program” for “unassigned ED patients” at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California through its “unique” innovative hospitalist model from December 2005 thru March 2008.

As a result of its “Unique Hospitalist Model”, AHMG was able to achieve outstanding results and impressive Return on Investment (ROI) both in quality and utilization areas which significantly surpassed any performance by other hospitalist programs both local and nationwide.

AHMG’s unique multidisciplinary team work approach and delicate management in every aspect of care, resulted in significant improvement in quality of patient care with impressive reduction in patient mortality, complication and readmission rates. AHMG’s proper utilization of hospital resources had tremendous impact on significantly lowering ALOS and cost/case for admissions with incredible cost savings.

In addition, AHMG developed a unique monitoring, tracking and reporting system which enabled the hospitalist program to achieve outstanding results through its

“Unique Hospitalist Model” with:

  • Reducing mortality rate by an impressive almost 50%.
  • Reducing complication rate by more than 50%.
  • Reducing readmission rates by more than 40%.
  • Significantly reducing  ALOS by almost 40% with enormous cost saving for the hospital.
  • Significant reduction in total and variable cost/case for each admission.
  • Reducing Avoidable Bed-Days (AVBD) by nearly 50%.
  • Significantly improving patient and staff satisfaction rate.
  • Significantly reducing variance in patient care from admission through discharge by implementing its unique daily morning “multidisciplinary patient rounds”.
  • Achieving exceptional results on a host of performance measures with close to 100% compliance rate in multiple quality indicators for several core measures.
  • And many more...

Outstanding return on investment (ROI) value in every level of care with millions of dollars of saving each year through implementing and successfully operating a “unique” innovative hospitalist model.